The Latrobe Project

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​Project Name: Latrobe St, Moonee Ponds

Project Value:

The Latrobe Project was a renovation of a rundown suburban home located in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. The team was tasked with transforming the home into a modern, energy-efficient, and spacious living space for a family of five. The project lasted 12 months and had a budget of $800k.

Design Challenges

One of the first steps of the renovation was to remove the existing “lean-to” structure at the rear of the home, which made way for an extension. The remaining portion of the home was restored to like-new condition, incorporating energy-efficient features and modern technologies.

The complexities of the project included working with a brick boundary wall, restoring the existing weatherboard home, and upgrading the existing structure to meet building code standards. Despite these challenges, the team was able to successfully complete the project and divert 90% of building waste from the landfill.

An Energy-Efficient Renovation

The energy-efficient features included in the renovation included Rylock Double Glazed High-Performance Low-E Thermal Break Series Windows, Double Glazed Low-E timber windows, recycled bricks used for all masonry, and insulation and wallwrap throughout. The insulation included R1.8 wallwrap under roof sheeting, R2 Autex Polyester to the new and existing subfloor, R4.0 to new external walls 140mm thick, R2.5 to existing external walls, R2.5 to new internal walls, and R2.5 to existing internal walls. The ceilings were also upgraded with R6 insulation.

The home’s exterior was clad in Weathertex cladding, which was made up of 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax, making it 100% natural. The decking was made of Silvertop Ash and a rough-sawn cypress pine pergola was installed to protect the windows during the summer months. The home also featured a solar PV system and was gas-free.

The interior of the home was equipped with modern appliances, including a Bosch Series 8 Induction cooktop, Nobo heaters, and a Thermann Heat Pump. The water system was also upgraded with a Kingspan Slimline Water Tank, which had a capacity of 5030 liters and was equipped with a Grundfos SB3-45A + Integrated Pump.

The Latrobe Project is another successful renovation by our Melbourne team. We transformed the home into a modern, energy-efficient, and spacious living space, while also incorporating eco-friendly features. The result was a beautiful and comfortable home for a family of five.

Project Features

Materials & ESD (Ecological Sustainable Development) Features

    90% of Building Waste Diverted from Landfill
    Recycled bricks used for all masonry
    Weathertex cladding 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax, 100% natural
    Silvertop Ash decking

Passive Design Features

    Insulation & Wallwrap Earthwool Batts Throughout
    R1.8 wallwrap under roof sheeting
    R2 Autex Polyester to New & Existing Subfloor
    R4.0 to New External Walls 140mm thick
    R2.5 to Existing External Walls
    R2.5 to New Internal Walls
    R2.5 to Existing Internal Walls
    R6 to New & Existing Ceilings

Heating and Cooling

    Solar PV installed

Windows & Glazing

    We replaced the front timber windows with Double Glazed Low-E timber windows.
    Rylock Double Glazed High-Performance Low - E Thermal Break Series Windows were also utilised.

Renewable Energy

    Thermann Heat Pump

Water Saving

    Kingspan Slimline Water Tank - 5030 Litre with Grundfos SB3-45A + Integrated Pump