Glenlyon Terrace House

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​Project Name: Glenlyon Road Terrace House

Project Value:

Liz & Ian approached us desperate to breathe life back into their rundown old home in the heart of Brunswick. The Victorian terrace home built in 1909 had seen a handful of additions over the years. With narrow, little rooms to the rear making the home feel more like a rabbit warren than a home to enjoy.

Along with being a long and narrow site this Victorian terrace sat low on the land which caused the neighbouring property’s surface drainage to run on to the site and underneath the home. Therefore our first challenge was to capture that stormwater and ensure no water could get underneath the home. We installed a rather intricate drainage system along with mechanical ventilation to circulate air under the home and maintain a dry area.

The objective of the project was to build a functional, comfortable and sustainable home prioritising the longevity of the home.

The site was sandwiched between a childcare center and large two-storey brick building which create design constraints. However, there was no heritage overlay to contend with so our designers at Gardiner Architects had a number of options to explore.

The approach supported by the clients was to keep the front facade of the building to retain the heritage of the home. The front two rooms were kept while the terribly dilapidated section to the rear of the home was demolished.

There was some delicate timber detail required to repair the existing part of the home and marry it in with the new. To keep the original feel of the home it was essential the existing woodwork was restored, particularly the old sash windows and timber flooring.

With strong emphasis on natural and recycled material the new addition complements the heritage of the existing and brings the home into the 21 century with a beautiful, light and comfortable home to live in.

Project Features

Materials & ESD (Ecological Sustainable Development) Features

    • Small footprint with considerate and condensed design
    • Preservation of the heritage of the existing home
    • Cutek to cladding and timber windows
    • Cemintel Barestone External cladding (maintenance free and long lasting)
    • Recycle Yellow StringyBark Decking
    • Radially Sawn Silvertop Ash
    • Recycled Tasmanian Oak flooring to match existing.
    • Plywood cabinetry
    • Bona Decking oil (Vegetable based oil)
    • Bona Traffic HD (Water based internal floorboard solution)

Passive Design Features

    • Central north facing courtyard
    • Services i.e. toilet, laundry, bathroom, stairs and storage along the western wall to protect the living areas from the harsh western sun.
    • Large north and east facing windows
    • North facing windows protected by large eave

Heating and Cooling

    • Hydronic panel heating
    • Split system to First floor bedroom

Windows & Glazing

    • Double Glazed Timber Windows - FSC certified KD Hardwood Frame

Renewable Energy

    • 1.59 KWh Enphase & Q-cell system

Water Saving

    • Sanden Eco 315 L Complete Heat Pump System
    • 1/ 3000L Slimline Water tank with pump to flush toilets
    • WELS 4 star rated Tapware throughout