Evans House

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​Project Name: Evans St, Fairfield

Project Value:

Evans House is a beautiful home located in Fairfield, Melbourne. This home started as what could be described as a large, old box. It underwent a comprehensive 12-month renovation to transform its poorly designed spaces into a creative, light-filled and sustainable home. This renovation budget of $800k was maximised to create a pavilion-style home with north light flowing into the living space.

A Sustainable & Energy Efficient Design

Evans House is another SHM home renovation project using sustainable design principles. Our team diverted 90% of building waste from landfill and used environmentally friendly materials, including Rylock Double Glazed High-Performance Low-E Windows to reduce energy consumption. These windows are designed to allow maximum light into the home while reducing heat loss and energy usage. 

Insulation was installed throughout the home using Earthwool Batts and wallwrap, with R1.8 wallwrap under the roof sheeting. The new and existing subfloor was insulated using R2 Autex Polyester, while the new external walls had R4.0 insulation 140mm thick. This level of insulation was chosen to maximize the home’s energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs. The existing external walls and new and existing internal walls were insulated with R2.5, and the new and existing ceilings had R6 insulation. The high levels of insulation ensures that the home is warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing the need for heating and cooling and, reducing the environmental impact of the home.

To protect the windows from the sun in the summer, Heka Hood sunshades were installed, and the cladding was made from Weathertex, a material that is 97% hardwood and 3% paraffin wax, 100% natural. The use of natural materials was an important aspect of the renovation project, and the team was committed to reducing the home’s environmental impact. To reduce water consumption, a Kingspan Slimline Water Tank with a 5030-liter capacity and a Grundfos SB3-45A + Integrated Pump was installed. This allowed the family to use rainwater for their gardening and other non-potable needs, reducing their water usage and the impact of their home on the environment.

To save energy, a Thermann Heat Pump was also installed. The heat pump provided the home with hot water and heating, reducing the need for traditional heating systems and reducing the family’s energy costs. The heat pump was chosen for its energy efficiency and its low impact on the environment.

Design That Maximises Space

The design of the home was carefully reconsidered to maximize the use of space and provide the family with a peaceful and functional living environment. The home was zoned to provide the family with separate spaces for living, dining, and cooking, reducing noise and allowing each member of the family to have their own space. In our redesign, we maximised natural light, using large windows and skylights to allow light to flow into the home. This has created a warm and inviting living space filled with natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and reducing energy costs.

A Pavillion Style Renovation

Our client is happy with the results of the renovation project. In a note to our team they said, “[we] are enjoying settling into our new home. So much light streaming through windows reminds us why we started this project. We’ve never had the sun in a lounge room! Thanks for this genius design, and to all the fantastic builders and project management team.”

The Evans House renovation project transformed a poorly designed space into a light-filled, peaceful, and sustainable home. The team’s focus on sustainability, use of environmentally friendly materials, and energy-saving measures have created a home that is not only beautiful but an example of how to build for the future while preserving the past.

Project Features

Materials & ESD (Ecological Sustainable Development) Features

    90% of Building Waste Diverted from Landfill
    R1.8 wallwrap under roof sheeting
    R2 Autex Polyester to New & Existing Subfloor
    R4.0 to New External Walls 140mm thick
    R2.5 to Existing External Walls
    R2.5 to New Internal Walls
    R2.5 to Existing Internal Walls
    R6 to New & Existing Ceilings

Passive Design Features

    Insulation & Wallwrap Earthwool Batts Throughout (see also, materials + windows).

Heating and Cooling

    Insulation was installed throughout the home using Earthwool Batts and wallwrap, with R1.8 wallwrap under the roof sheeting.

Windows & Glazing

    Rylock Double Glazed High-Performance Low-E Windows to reduce energy consumption.

Renewable Energy

    Thermann Heat Pump

Water Saving

    Kingspan Slimline Water Tank - 5030 Litre with Grundfos SB3-45A + Integrated Pump

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