Homeowners Investing To Ditch Gas Better Off In The Long Run

Feb 16, 2023 | Media, News

One of our builds was featured across multiple news sources this week, including the Herald Sun. Many Melburnians are facing the pain of rising electricity costs, but forward-thinking renovators are opting for energy-efficient renovations working with us, Sustainable Homes Melbourne.

We recently helped a couple significantly reduce their gas bill whilst almost doubling their floor space. The unassuming 1950s-era Brunswick property utilised energy-draining resources, like an electric hot water system and gas stove. This home was in dire need of some better, and more sustainable, heating and cooling solutions.

As a part of the renovation project, we removed gas appliances and swapped them to electric. A move that means that homeowners, Geua Montana and partner Jack Furphy have gone from paying more than $800 on their energy bill in 2020, to just $369.63 in 2022.

The gas stove was replaced with an electric induction cooktop. We also installed an electric heat pump for their hot water system and split system air conditioners with a heating function.

The Brunswick home is now energy-efficient and homeowners, Geua and Jack won’t have to worry about any future price hikes. 

Read more about our Brunswick project.

Overall, it was a great project to work on, and we’re glad we were able to help our clients save money while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Image credits: Mark Stewart.

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