You won’t believe how long we’ve known!

Feb 6, 2017 | News

In with the new, but the old won’t leave!

So long has our world been rigid in the way we do things…

It’s easy to see our reluctance to move on from fossil fuels and plastics, to invest in more efficient ways of doing things, for the long-term benefit of everyone.

We refuse to acknowledge the fact that our world lacks infinite resources!

The harmful impact human activity has had on our world as a whole, is mostly blind to us so called ‘developed world’ dwellers!

We have no insight into how the changes in seasons have impacted the farming industry, or how the climate has changed in those really harsh environments the Inuit live in.

It’s easy for a person living in Melbourne to be none the wiser to human impact on our environment.

Even though, I’m sure anyone over the age of 30 years of age can see that our weather has changed over the years and becoming more extreme… Since when did Melbourne have so many flash floods??

On the other hand, it says an awful lot about a person that is conscious to the truth that is out there!

But did you know scientists have been talking about global warming relating to fossil fuel consumption since 1896??

You read that’s correct… Svante Arrhenius a Swedish scientist first associated global warming to fossil fuels in 1896.

It may be a little rich calling us enlightened beings 121 years on from when a problem was first recognised, but the real issue is still the non-believers!

A consideration of our planet should be at the forefront of all of our minds and decisions based on this information.

There’s no escaping the huge responsibility on a person when carrying out such an enormous endeavour in building a home.

There is so much to consider in regards to the planet and our children when building a home and you never know us ‘enlightened’ ones may just be the key to longevity for our planet!

I’m always up for a chat on how you can design your project to work best to suit you, your family and the environment! I’d love to hear from you!


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