Our passion lies in transforming Melbourne’s rundown old homes into beautiful, comfortable, sustainable homes we can all be proud of.

Design & Build with SHM

It’s our passion to turn your dreams and desires for your old home into the beautiful sustainable future you’ve always wanted. We love breathing life back into the rundown old homes of Melbourne and taking your home from concept through to completion.

Step 1

Wishlist Discovery Session

Come to us with all your dreams and desires for what you want your sustainable home and lifestyle to be. This initial session is where we get to understand you and you get to understand how we can transform your rundown old home into a beautiful, comfortable, sustainable home. We get into the nitty gritty too and we’ll discuss timelines, budgets and your motivation to renovate or extend your home.

Step 2

Concept Design

We now take your full brief and with our design team create three concept designs for your new sustainable home. Generally there are aspects of all three designs you just love and can’t live without. Once you’ve briefed us on each design, our design team then infuse the best of each design into what will soon be your new sustainable dream home.

Step 3

Getting ready for Construction / Design Documentation

We’re now at the stage when we start to document all the smaller details of your new sustainable home. At this point we dive into selections and on scope of work. This enables us to develop a clear project specification so we’re all clear before we get started on site.

Step 4

Starting on site

Now for the exciting part, getting started on site. You’ll get introduced to your Site manager and Building coordinator who will take care of your project from start to finish. You’ll share a close relationship with both of them throughout the build. You’ll meet on site with your Site manager every 2-3 weeks for updates on progress and clarify any responsibilities that either party needs to address.

Step 5

Completion of your new sustainable home

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived and you can now step foot in your new sustainable home. This is the moment you get to see the full transformation your home has gone through. The completion of transforming your rundown old home into a sustainable home is a moment to be proud.

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10 Things you must know before building a sustainable home