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Our passion lies in transforming Melbourne’s rundown old homes into beautiful, comfortable, sustainable homes we can all be proud of.

Design & Build with SHM

Demand for sustainable homes has grown and grown the past few years which is amazing to see and I’m sure our children will thank us some day for making a difference.

We are now specialising only in Renovations/Extensions and due to demand, we’ve limited our service area to within 10km of our office in Brunswick. – Meaning less carbon miles and our team has never been happier for the shorter commute.

You must appreciate we can’t take on every project that comes our way.

To discover if you qualify for our Sustainable Home Transformation® package click the ‘Take Our Test’ button.

Step 1

Qualification & Feasibility

This preliminary stage is where we get to know you and how/if we can help to transform your rundown, old home into a beautiful, comfortable sustainable home. We work to understand your needs, motivations and we assess your project to ensure it’s feasibility and how best to move things forward.

Step 2

Architectural Concept Design

Welcome aboard the sustainable revolution! Getting this far means SHM has your back to ensure your rundown old home becomes a jewel of your neighbourhood. We’re really excited about every project we take on and want to make Melbourne homes the most sustainable in the world.

Step 3

Design Development Documentation

It’s now time to explore all those design elements that will make your Sustainable Home Transformation truly one of a kind. You’ll work closely with our Architects to identify features, layouts, cabinetry and colour schemes. Let your imagination run wild!

Step 4

The Sustainable Home Transformation

Now for the exciting part, getting started on your Sustainable Home Transformation. You’ll be introduced to your Site Manager and Building Coordinator who will take care of your project from start to finish. You’ll share a close relationship with both throughout the transformation. 

Step 5

Completion of your Sustainable Home Transformation

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived and you can now step foot inside your Sustainable Home Transformation. Those years spent dreaming of a home you can truly be proud of are over and your Sustainable Home Transformation is a reality.

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10 Things you must know before building a sustainable home