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Diana Li - Contracts Administrator

Diana is the glue that brings SHM together, working closely with the guys on site she is our chief problem solver.

With an Environmental Science and Engineering degree under her belt Diana lives by the motto ‘work hard, play hard’ and loves a good old weekend adventure around Melbourne.

Favourite pastime: Petting local dogs and cats.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Kathleen Sampson - Accounts Administrator

Kathleen is a lover of all creatures great and small. She keeps doggy treats in her top drawer waiting for an opportunity.

An avid green thumb and smoothie maker, Kathleen also enjoys giving back to society and helping people.

Favourite pastime; Playing Google to her inquisitive Granddaughter.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Nick Lowe - Site Manager

Hailing from Bristol, UK Nick may shock you with a pirate story or two. However, no man of recent times has a greater eye for detail and craftsmanship.

Nick’s been building long before he came to Australia, he even built an Igloo in his hometown in England. – He builds sand castles now!

Favourite pastime: Cooking, baking and skateboarding to funky tunes.


, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Dan Liefting - Site Manager

Dan is our boy from the bush, having grown up in Deniliquin he’s up at the crack of dawn and ready for a challenge.

Dan spent a few years working as a Site Manager in London, England and is now settling down to call Melbourne home.

Favourite pastime: Growing vegetables and swimming in the beach.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Darcy Vear - Carpenter

A man of many talents, Darcy is driven (he even drove all the way around Australia) and equal parts crafty and sporty.

A lover of the outdoors and running marathons Darcy loves to escape the city when he can and will try anything once.

Favourite pastime: Playing the piano and eating stale cheezles.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Richard Habgood - Carpenter

Beginning his career studying fine art, Richard has a unique outlook on renovating homes, mixing his carpentry skills with artistic practice and patience.

With his thirty pairs of Tradie socks in his bottom drawer Richard doesn’t take his responsibility of transforming rundown old homes lightly.

Favourite pastime: Drinking an early morning slurpee and hiking through the mountains.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Basile Oyonarte - Trade Assistant

With a drive to learn and understand how sustainable construction works, Bas with his suave French accent has to be one of the most capable Labourers in Melbourne.

Bas enjoys shopping at local farmers markets for the finest fruit and veg and is never one to say no to good cheese or a fine wine.

Favourite pastime: Doing hula hoop in his backyard or planting native flowers for local bees to enjoy.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Ezra Ronchi - Carpenter

After years in hospitality Ezra made the leap across to the building industry at the end of 2018 and has quickly developed an eye for detail and a patience for perfection.

A gentle giant you’ll find Ezra on weekends in his garden or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Favourite pastime; Building installations for music festivals and reading teenage fantasy novels.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Zac Podolak - Carpenter

Zac could be mistaken for a teen heartthrob from Beverly Hills 90210 with his curly black hair.

A young man on the path to becoming a great chippy. His favourite fruit is mango which helps him digging holes and swinging a hammer like few men can.

Favourite pastime: Traveling and completing his TAFE books (hard to split the two!)

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

David Nicholson - Architect

Our resident jungle boy, having grown up in the jungles of Sarawak, David’s now at home creating designs to transform your home into a beautiful, comfortable, sustainable home.

David’s ambitious goal is to plant 1,000 trees for Koala habitat before he turns 50 – We’re all rooting for him!

Favourite pastime; Eating Ramen after midnight or drinking ‘Loose leaf’ tea before breakfast.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Brett Robertson - Architect

With a Fine art and sculpture background where he exhibited locally and internationally, Brett loves the journey and personal connection that develops with a client when designing their home.

A man of health and vitality, yoga and crossfit are his active passions, while chocolate is his weakness.

Favourite pastime; Hanging out with his dog and gardening for relaxation.

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Simon Clark - Construction Manager

Simon is a passionate Melbournian, lover of sports and nature. You can often find him hiking on weekends with his dog Nikki.

His favourite day is Monday and loves nothing more than being part of a team doing great things.

Favourite pastime; Drinking a soy chai latte on a Sunday morning while listening to podcasts about the future!

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Michael Burns - Project Planning Manager

Michael is the boring one (that’s why he’s last on the list). Recently became a father to his little boy Leo, Michael now enjoys visits to the park and the musical talent of The Wiggles.

His secret vice is watching dodgy plane landings on YouTube and Air Crash Investigation.

Favourite pastime: Driving around in the family car (alone) listening to Tool (loud) because there is no other chance to do it anymore!

, Our Team, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

Nikki the Kelpie

Nikki is our best customer greeter, she’s there to answer any knock at the office door long before anyone else.

Very fond of a belly rub or back scratch she loves to lay on her back with legs in the air and have a snooze on the cold office floor.

Favourite pastime: Chasing birds and sniffing around power poles.

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