Our Renovation Process

We’ve consolidated our knowledge to create a simple, clear Sustainable Home Transformation® process.

Let’s Start

Discovery Session


We start with a Discovery Session where we get to know each other and how/if we can help to transform your home leveraging our team’s diversity of expertise and commitment to sustainable building practices. We work to understand your needs, the projects feasibility and how best to move things forward.

The team working on a design project

A) Full Home Transformation

Most Popular

For home transformation projects we deep dive into architectural design before moving into clarification around the scope of work.

Number 1 Architectural Concept Design

Our team presents you with 2 concepts to explore your property’s potential and estimate costs. If you believe these designs are ‘way off the mark’ or your unhappy with your experience for any reason, we’ll refund your design costs in full.

2-3 Months

Number 2 Design & Documentation

Let’s explore all the design elements that will make your renovation truly one of a kind. You’ll work closely with our experts to identify features, layouts, cabinetry and colour schemes. Let your imagination run wild! Depending on your project, this can be pretty detailed and include all sorts of building permits. We deal with council so you don’t have to.

Number 3 Transformation

Now for the exciting part, getting started on your transformation. You’ll be introduced to your Project Manager and Building Coordinator who will take care of your project from start to finish. You’ll share a close relationship with both throughout the transformation.

B) Interior Design Renovation

Smaller Renovation Projects

Smaller renovations like bathroom, kitchen or energy efficiency transformations move straight to our estimator stage where we’ll assess overall requirements.

Number 1 Scope Of Work & Budget

Let’s uncover the scope of work (SOW) you’d like to explore, investigate solutions broadly and provide a budget to move into design with. This process takes 2-3 Weeks.

2-3 Weeks

Renovation projects then move to stage 2

Building renovation example

All SHM projects have a design budget guarantee.