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At Sustainable Homes Melbourne we undertake meaningful projects that align with our purpose and values. We support, inspire and engage with our clients to design creative eco friendly building.




Eco Friendly Home Building Glenlyon Rd Brunswick

Eco Friendly Homes

A building designed to be ecologically correct by using resources efficiently, using internal recycling, renewable energy sources, recyclable or biodegradable construction materials, and blending in with the local environment, particularly in out-of-town locations.


7 Basic Principles Of Eco Friendly Building

Ensuring your home is fully insulated is a smart investment and the most cost effective way to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. It will save you money on heating and cooling costs. Insulation is not an area to cut corners on. It can help reduce noise transfer between rooms as well as the thermal benefits. It’s best to get this right during the renovation rather than adding it once the project is complete.

2.The Right Ventilation – Airtightness
Having the right ventilation and ensuring the homes structure is air tight will maximise the efficiency of insulation. Depending on the property, ventilation can be passive, mechanical or both, but it needs to be considered as part of the design.

3.Thermal Mass
Thermal mass is the ability of material to absorb, store and release heat. We use materials to create thermal mass in your home which can absorb the sun during the day and release it into the home as external temperatures drop. Therefore maintaining a comfortable internal environment. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing home in relation to thermal mass and where it could be located. Used correctly, thermal mass can help to reduce energy consumption.

4.Natural Light
Maximising the amount of natural light in your home not only reduces the amount of energy to run the house, it is proven to boost the health of the occupants. There are many aspects to consider with the placement of windows to reduce the need for articial lighting. Heat captured through windows from the sun can be used to help heat a building and combined with thermal mass it can help reduce heating bills.

5.Eco Friendly And Sustainable Materials
There are various ways to ensure the products and materials you use are as eco friendly as possible. Wherever possible we want to use materials that don’t harm the environment and use recycled materials when appropriate.

6.Choosing The Right Structural Systems
All construction systems can be adapted to meet good levels of energy efficiency, but some lend themselves more immediately to hitting the highest standards. We use our experience to incorporate the right structural system techniques for each project

7.Deploy Renewable Technologies
We help each client pick the right renewable technologies for their home. Examples are solar how water systems and rainwater harvesting.

These 7 basic principles ensure that performance, quality and comfort are all delivered on any eco friendly house renovation.

Eco Friendly Builders Munro St

Elements Of Eco Friendly House Renovations

  • Insulation
  • The Right Ventilation
  • Thermal Mass
  • Natural Light
  • Eco Friendly And Sustainable Materials
  • Choosing The Right Structural Systems
  • Deploy Renewable Technologies

Examples Of Eco Friendly Home Renovation Projects

Below are some examples of eco friendly house building projects we’ve been involved with that we are proud of:

Project 1 – Anna’s Home Munro St

We transformed this cold, leaky, dark and cramped home into Anna’s dream. A cosy, light filled open plan home with space, comfort and an earthy feel

We maximised the use of windows to the east to bring the greenery of the garden into the home

We incorporated the following strategies;

  • Preservation of the heritage of the existing home
  • Recycled timber flooring
  • Central courtyard to allow the northern sun in winter
  • Large north and east facing double glazed windows
  • Hydronic heating panel
  • 4 KWh solar system
  • Slimline water tank with pump to flush toiles
  • Bosch combi boiler for hydronic heating and how water usage
Eco Friendly House Building Munro St

Project 2 – Glenlyon Road Brunswick

We breathed live back into this rundown old Victorian terrace home in the heart of Brunswick. The project was to build a functional, comfortable and sustainable home built for longevity.

The use of natural and recycled materials (particularly timber) was of great importance to the client and complemented the heritage of the existing home bringing it into the 21st century.

We incorporated the following strategies;

  • Preservation of the heritage of the existing home
  • Variety of recycled timber used throughout
  • Central north facing courtyard
  • Services (toilet, stairs, storage, etc) along the western wall to protect living areas from harsh western sun
  • Large double glazed windows protected by large eave
  • Hydronic panel heating
  • Slimline water tank with pump flush toilets
Eco Friendly Home builders Glenlyon Rd Brunswick

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