Off Grid Living

Jul 6, 2015 | News

With new technology becoming available every day and the release of the Tesla Powerwall, off-grid living is becoming an affordable reality for more people.

Wouldn’t we all love the ability to produce our own energy, ditch the utility bills and stick it to the big corporations!?

This style of living is becoming so much of a reality that some states in the US such as Florida and Texas have made it illegal for homeowners to go off-grid!

Isn’t that a blatant exploitation of our human rights?
Shouldn’t we all have the right to live life less controlled by the corporations?

The concern of these states is that if too many people are able to live a self-sustained lifestyle, people won’t have the pressure to work therefore the economy will slow.

The direction our planet is headed with climate change, overpopulation and the development of artificial intelligence, is a concern to all!

Corporations are using Artificial intelligence in the pursuit of streamlining their productivity with little thought to the repercussions this may have on the planet and its inhabitants. All in order to increase profits.

This will come at a huge cost to the population.

As humans we must find a better way of living and stand up for what we believe in!

Who really knows how much longer our planet will exist with its beautiful flora and fauna already vanishing.
All I know is I will stand up for what I believe in and I hope that I leave this world a better place than what I found it!

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