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Sep 7, 2015 | News

How exciting is our world today?

Innovation after innovation are coming to life faster than ever before!

Look at what Tesla has done with cars to make them electric!

What Facebook has done with Global communication!

What Apple has done with mobile phones!

In this respect the construction industry is far behind…… but over the last few years things are changing!

And it is DAMN exciting!

We now have the ability to build homes that float on water, making them flood proof!

Passive designed homes………. You guessed it they passively heat and cool themselves with very little use of mechanics! This is so simple yet a huge step forward in design innovation that only trained Passive house architects really understand!

The emergence of off-grid systems making it possible for homes to be fully self-sufficient. Such a beautiful thing to be dependent on yourself rather than corporations.

Composting toilet systems, grey water systems that don’t block up like they used to making huge improvements in self-sufficiency in the garden.

The development of Induction cooktops has made the kitchen safe and easy to use.

Soon enough everyone will have kitchens like the Jetson’s with interactive splashbacks. People will be able to get coached through recipes in real time, chat with loved ones anywhere in the world, all while cooking.

There are a number of alternate wall systems that have been developed for optimal thermal performance, prices are relatively high currently but are expected to drop as the technology advances.

The introduction of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials makes for a less toxic, low allergen home. Low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants are all becoming more common.

The heating of a home and hot water has seen large advances over the past few years with Hydronic heating and Heat pumps. These are set to advance even further over the coming years. I recommend Hydronic heating in all Melbourne homes.

We have seen amazing advances in energy creation, through PV (Photo Voltaic) cells, geothermal power, kinetic energy and wind power. These advances will surely see Coal and Gas obsolete in years to come or at very least provide individuals with the ability to create a self-sufficient lifestyle and create their own electricity.

These advances in construction innovation are just the tip of the ice berg, to stay up to date on current news in the industry follow us at Facebook or Instagram!

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