Don’t renovate your Home unless you absolutely have to

Sep 4, 2019 | News

This has gone on too long!
The age of ignorance MUST come to an end.

It’s obvious we’re seeing the early stages of a world like we’ve never known.

  • Extreme temperatures all over the world
  • The Arctic circle has seen the worst fires on record.

We’re seeing the Amazon burn out of control

At SHM we support the march on Climate change.

Starting this company in 2014 it was clear that globally and individually things needed to happen to slow our impact on the environment.
Since then we’ve met so many people motivated to try and do things better, to live with less impact on our planet.
And. it’s inspiring meeting these people. There’s a real sense of unity and an understanding that we’re playing on the same team.
We’re on the same side of history doing our little bit to stop our harm on this world.

But, one side of things, it’s clear to see some things haven’t changed and that’s the top line of government and corporations involved coal, gas and oil.
I honestly can understand why they wouldn’t change.
I mean, why would you want to change something you’ve been a part of your whole like that’s made you rich?

After all what would these so called environmentalists know? They’re just greenies needing a mission, right!?

But the time has come to force action upon

For us and our craftsmen on site this is what we love and this is what we believe is creating a truly sustainable future.

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