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Apr 6, 2018 | News

When designing a new home or renovation, a family’s biggest nightmare is spending months (or even years) working through the creative design process, falling in love with the home on paper. Then send your documentation out to builders only to get prices back way over budget!

Far too many times has a client or architect come to us with masses of documentation, lumped it on our desk and said ‘Price this, and it better be on budget!’

The thing is, often they don’t even provide us a budget, and of course more often than not it ends up over budget.

As a result, this usually requires architects and engineers to re-design plans and re-submit town planning amendment applications. All costing more dollars, time lost and added frustration.

We’ve seen this way too many times!

This is the reason we’ve put so much of our energy into Design and Build.

Over the past few years we’ve formed an affiliation with Architects Robert Nichol & Sons  to provide a comprehensive design and build service from Concept through to handing you the keys to your new home.

The key is to get the design intention and budget clear in order to keep this in check all the way through.

It’s our 3rd year of running this service and we’ve had amazing results!

It’s a team effort between RNS, SHM & you.

RNS let the creative juices flow.

SHM focus on the buildability and keep the pencil sharp and on price point.

You are the guiding star, directing where things go based on the advice from RNS & SHM.

If you’re looking to build or renovate, please take our advice to avoid any nasty surprises.

If you need anymore advice we’d love to hear from you.

Check out some of our work here.

Get in touch with us here.

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