Are you part of the Solution or the Problem?

Nov 6, 2016 | News

A good friend of mine, one of few property developers we’d work for, said something that was so obvious, yet hit me with a huge realization!
Such a simple concept…
“The homes we build will be with us a long time!”

This seems as obvious as the leaves on a tree!
But do people really consider this when they’re building a home?
Do people look at a home to represent the past or to age timelessly?
Do people look at their home as an extension of themselves?

The homes we build today will be standing long after we’re gone…
They’ll be handed down to our children and grandchildren.
The homes we build and live in are part of our life’s accomplishments and our legacy.
Whether you’re driven to provide security for your family, minimize your effect on our planet or just want a healthy and comfortable family home to last the generations!
Your home is part of your legacy!

We may devote our lives to a cause, a company, our family or all of the above.
This all forms who we are as people and is the legacy we’ll leave behind…
Our homes are a big part of that legacy!

I’m not sure if people look at a home in this way.
When all’s said and done a home will be the measurement of how serious we take the problems our world is facing today.
It will be clear if we use a material in our home that contributed to the extinction of Orangutans…
Whether we turned a blind eye to a product supporting child labour.
It’s not about what our neighbours think of us…
It comes down to whether we want to be part of the problem or part of the solution!

There’s been so much that was swept under the carpet before the internet age…
There’s no longer any excuse for contributing to the problems in our world!

Australia (Victoria in particular) is month on month breaking records in new homes being built.
From Building approvals to Land sales…
All happening faster and in larger volumes than ever before!

It’s time we built our homes with a conscience and started being part of the solution, not the problem!

I urge anyone thinking of building or renovating to understand what’s important to you and the future of your family, not just for today but for tomorrow and 50 years time!

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