Are you going to pick up the cheque?

Aug 6, 2016 | News

It’s fair to say our world is changing faster than any of us could have imagined.

It’s said the human world has changed more in the past decade than it has in all the time Homo Sapiens have occupied the Earth. – Make of that, what you will.

Needless to say our world is changing at rates never before seen!

Behind this rapid change is technology and the hopes of many hang in the balance while we move to a more preserved future.

The question is not when, but how quickly we can transition from a fossil fuel dependent world to one that operates on a renewable energy.

Elon Musk once said “Humanity is currently running the dumbest experiment in history.” Of course he was referring to our use of fossil fuels.

But this change is happening…

Like any major change we have seen in this world, all that stands in the way of mass adoption of a sustainable world is time.

This change has been coming since the environment first became a political issue (albeit a controversial one) in the US in the early 1960s.

Obviously this coincided with the hippie movement, which for many years gave environmentalists the perception of being far left wing!

Nearly 60 years on and many people would say very little has changed…

It’s now clear we are at a critical moment in time, where over the next 20 years we will see a dramatic shift in the world.

We will see a shift from large corporations supply us with dirty power that is polluting our world beyond repair, to a world where communities and individuals will be in control of the production of their own energy!

The BIG energy providers know this is happening because they are feeling the pinch!

Take Australia’s largest supplier of energy, Origin. 2014 saw Origin shares reach $16, and earlier this year drop as low as $3.50.

Now whether you put this down to bad management or the expense of exploration is up for debate…

We are seeing renewable fuel companies catch up and catch up quickly.

Earlier this year we saw solar and wind farms beat off fossil fuel companies acquire contracts to supply Chile with power for the next 20 years.

Closer to home in Melbourne, we are seeing estate after estate being developed.

Now only 5 years ago we would see one home on a street of 20 install solar panels, but today we are seeing up to eight of those homes installing solar panels.

What this means is the energy suppliers have to install the same infrastructure for up to 40% less revenue!

Of course they’ve got shareholders to answer to, they can’t run at a loss, they need to make profit.

Those households that refuse to adapt to this trend will see huge hikes in the costs of their household’s energy…

Think about it, instead of 20 homes covering the costs of the infrastructure, now it’s as low as 12 homes.

Whether you’re ready for it or not our world is changing to a more preserved future, the warning bells have been ringing for nearly 60 years, now who’s going to pick-up the cheque?

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