Do YOU believe that YOU can change the world??

Mar 6, 2016 | News

How could you as just one ‘ordinary’ human being make any impact at all?

Is it even worth trying to save the environment?

Loaded question, I know…

Living in Australia, I’m sure you’ve jumped into bed and heard a pesky, little mosquito buzzing round your face?!
You keep brushing it away with your hand but it keeps coming back…
You jump out of bed and turn on the light…
But it’s nowhere to be seen!
All frustrated, you turn off the light and jump back into bed and hope it’s gone!

Now that miniscule little creature, that’s one thousand times smaller than you is causing you to act in a certain way… it’s changing who you are, it might cause you to have a bad night sleep, be grumpy the next day at work and maybe not so nice to someone else!

So don’t you think if that little buzzing thing can change your world, you might be able to change the world around you?

Metaphoric, I know…

The thought process behind this is that the world needs ordinary people to take the lead.
We need people like you and I to give a [email protected]#T about the future of our children and in doing so will have a ripple effect through generations seeing you do the right thing.

The vast majority of people that come to join Sustainable Homes Melbourne have a link with sustainable living through their parents.

Often growing up on a farm or in an eco home.

It’s this connection we can provide for our future generations to ensure they excel and care for the world we live in.

The bottom line is, we influence the people around us, in particular our children.

Living a conscious, sustainable lifestyle to me is about leaving a legacy…

To leave a positive mark on this world and know that when I leave it, I have done all I can to retain its beauty!

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