Getting back to basics!

by | Sep 6, 2017 | News

There’s so much new home technology it’s hard to keep up and very easy to get carried away.

But let’s not forget about the basics of building great homes that tread lightly on our planet and your hip pocket.

Of course we all want the latest gizmo or gadget for our home, we want our homes to be as up to date and relevant as they can be.

Having the most up to date gadget in your home today doesn’t mean it will be the most up to date tomorrow.
Now, I could bet my bottom dollar whatever high tech gadget or gizmo you install will be superseded at some point during the lifecycle of your home!

Where I think your primary focus should be at the point of designing and building your new home is in those elements that will still be relevant in years to come, the essentials of your home that make it YOUR home.

Here is the beginning of my list in order of most important;
1. Design (This will never change)
2. Fabric (Walls, Floors and Ceiling)
3. Windows
4. Insulation
5. Services provisions (Any element of your home should be considered at the construction stage i.e. pre-wire for solar or charged stormwater for storage)
6. Fit-out (Joinery and general finishes)

All elements of a home listed above are what make up the core of any home. These all cost TIME and MONEY and WASTE RESOURCES if you don’t get them right!

It’s always a lot easier to add the bells and whistles such as solar, batteries or even underground water storage at a later point.

When starting the journey of designing and building your new home you should have some idea where you want to be in 20, 30 or even 50 years.
This will ensure you make those provisions for anything you might consider to install further down the track i.e. solar, batteries.

It doesn’t mean you have to install everything today!

Hope this helps, 2018 is booking out fast get in touch if you’d like to talk more about your new home.


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