Don’t Miss Our Feature In Sanctuary Magazine!

Mar 18, 2020 | News


We have to share the latest issue of Sanctuary magazine (their 50th issue) with you.

It features two of our favourite sustainable home builds from 2018 in Clifton Hill.

Revisiting these two incredible homes brings back some great memories of this project and the amazing clients that we’re still in contact with today.

These beautiful sustainable homes set a very high benchmark for what is possible and the standard all new homes should strive to achieve.

It’s clear when you’re present in these homes that they’re truly superior. The consideration, design and building fabric of the homes far exceed that of the 99% of homes being built today.

Comparing these two homes to the original isn’t even fair!

The new homes are filled with light, always comfortable, quiet and have a real solid and secure feeling about them.

With great thanks to the clients Amaryll and Diana, the Architect Chris Barnes at Field Office Architecture and Anna Cumming from Sanctuary magazine.

Please check out the homes in Sanctuary magazine HERE

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