Journey Of An Eco Hero Pt.1

by | May 6, 2019 | News

It’s a hell of a journey for a person going through the process of building or renovating a home, even more so when you’re like us and trying to be considerate to the planet at the same time.
Below we’ve outlined the journey of someone taking serious action and how this obsession with green architecture will be one of the greatest journeys you EVER go on.


Like most people that don’t know where to start you’ll begin with Google and the usual suspects Facebook, Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest. You’ll spend weeks or months scrolling through the feed, saving your favorite pieces of design while dreaming about bath spouts and kitchen tiles. Sound familiar?
After a while you’ll be sick and tired of these day dreams and you’ll need to know more.


Then you’ll start to dive into your local scene and figure out who is building your type of dream home in your area. You’ll pick up all the great home design and green architecture magazine’s like Sanctuary Magazine, Green Magazine and Grand Designs Magazine. You’re getting to know all the big names in green architecture and eco building and who is doing great work. Now you’re starting to get serious and more excited. It feels so doable with the information you now have. Maybe you’re even thinking of a career change? Builder or Architect?


This is where the hero of our journey, you, can often falter. After you’ve collected so much information it’s still hard to know how to approach an Architect or Builder. You don’t want to go and see one of these guys and have them sell to you how great they are. You don’t want to commit to anything right away. You just want to dig a little closer and understand how the process actually works. This is the tipping point, it’s time to venture out from behind that computer screen and make an appointment.

We applaud you on your journey to create a home for you and your family while being considerate of the environment.

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, Journey Of An Eco Hero Pt.1, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

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, Journey Of An Eco Hero Pt.1, SHM - Sustainable Homes Melbourne

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