Can you build value in what you already have?

Dec 6, 2017 | News

Fortunate are those that find themselves on a parcel of land in urban Melbourne, even more fortunate are those that find themselves with an opportunity to build a second dwelling or even subdivide that land.

There are so many benefits for us and the environment when downsizing or subdividing a parcel of land in an already built up area.

It’s becoming a trend for empty nesters and downsizers in general looking for a simpler lifestyle but wanting to remain living in an area they’ve fallen in love with. What’s not to love about Melbourne?

A major factor toward this trend is high property prices. There may be a lot of value to be unlocked in your current property by adding another dwelling or two to the land that you have.

This can build security for retirement and great value for future generations.

There are also huge benefits for our environment.

For decades we’ve seen the urban sprawl take over Melbourne’s outer suburbs and countryside.
All of this green space has long been an ecosystem untouched.

These developments have also placed major pressure on infrastructure and smaller townships. You only have to drive out of the city between 4-6pm to see that!

When we densify our cities we build on an ecosystem we’ve already occupied rather than occupying another and likely destroying it.

When we densify our cities we build wealth for our families and contribute to maintain more nature that has been here for much longer than us.

2018 is upon us and we always get a flood of people that have decided this year is the year to build their dream home.

Get in touch if you wish to find out more.

Have a great break and see you in 2018.

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