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Feb 9, 2016 | News

What an end to the week!

I never expected to get a call on Thursday asking if I could appear on 3AW radio Saturday morning!

It was a call from the 3AW ‘Big House’ program and their weekly topic was home sustainability.

Such a great opportunity to spread the word on sustainability on talkback radio…… We couldn’t resist!

So Saturday morning I was in at the Fairfax media building (The Age building) on the corner of Collins St. and Spencer St. at 9:50am.

I met the producer and host Kevin John and was live on air at 10:00am.

It was great to hear questions come in from people all over Melbourne and even as far away as Carlsruhe!

Kevin asked me “Where do people go first, to get the process going on building their new sustainable home?……….. We get this alot!

People really don’t know how to get started.

When people come to us with a blank canvass we first meet with them to uncover the level of sustainability they want to achieve and the purpose of the project.

Then we operate as a matchmaker………. We match clients with architects that specialize in passive, solar design and sustainable principals and of course the client has to like the architect’s style, so we are merely an advisor.

I’m a big believer that people should go to a builder before going to an architect, or at least go to an architect first and get a builder in the picture really early!

Whether the builder comes recommended by the architect or you source your own, this is a great way for the builder to have design input and provide costings on the project from an early stage to ensure there is no blowout (which is common when architects go out to tender)

All in all it was great to represent Sustainable Homes Melbourne on the radio and it’s so good to see the level of interest toward a conscious way of building and living in our homes increasing.


It’s just another foot in the right direction for us all.

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