Cold Homes = High Energy Bills

May 6, 2015 | News

It’s now winter and the majority of Melburnians are bracing for the chilly winds and cold temperatures outside and unfortunately inside our homes. We have become accustom to coming home of an evening to a freezing cold home. Then we crank up the heater and throw the electric blanket on. This results in massive Carbon emissions and huge energy bills.

A cold, energy efficient home is a problem we shouldn’t be having in the 21st century where we can fly people to space and clone an animal. The standard of construction in Melbourne is a long way off where it should be.

We should have homes that stay moderate all year round, have no leaks or thermal bridges. Homes that work with the environment not against it. This is not a problem of the past, homes are still being built that are leaky, lack appropriate insulation and work against the environment.

There are fundamentals in design and construction that are plain and simply overlooked the vast majority of the building industry. The fundamentals of airtightness and insulation are not added extras when they should be standard.

Our homes are far more than a roof over our heads. We spend most of our lives indoors, so it just makes sense to make our indoors as efficient, healthy and comfortable as they can be.

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