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How lucky can one man be?

Posted on: December 6 2016


What a year it’s been at Sustainable Homes Melbourne!

Six jobs complete….
Eight projects running consistently…
…and Five more to start early 2017…
The sky’s the limit!

From the time we started with an idea in 2013 to now preparing for a BIG 2017 we’ve come a helluva long way!

There’s no doubt 2016 had it’s ups and downs with its triumphs and challenges…
For a young company we have huge potential to fulfill and a lot to learn.

Starting out as a three man team and now having a team of over 20 great people…
I can’t express enough how in love with the team we’ve built I am…
From the guys on site, to the design team, to the crew in the office, we all share a love and passion for building GREAT homes and giving a S#%T about our planet!

Over the years we’ve seen a dramatic increase in sustainable and ethically driven innovation and products.
More and more people approaching us each month to find out how we can help them get the home and lifestyle they need.

It’s very early days but it’s so good to see people ‘give a damn’ when building their new home!

Building a home is one of the greatest, most fulfilling achievements a person can do… For me to build these amazing homes everyday, I am one of the luckiest people in the world!

I truly cannot wait for what 2017 will bring with some great projects to create and amazing people to work with…. Bring it on!

I hope 2017 brings you all the joy and satisfaction you can dream of!
Just maybe 2017 is the year you kickstart your dream home?




Image Credit: Neubrain


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Simon & Michael were exceptional throughout the build of our home. I was initially worried about the challenging design of the home and the access to the site, but this proved to be little issue throughout the build. They were very thorough in explaining everything to me from the paperwork side of things right through to final handover. At no point did they neglect to communicate with us and were extremely reliable. The job was done on time and to the standard they promised. I am still very proud to call this place home.