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Energy Efficient Homes Melbourne

Energy efficient housing designs

Rising living costs have many of us considering the way we live and how we can do things differently.

Energy efficient housing offers many opportunities to make changes to the way your family lives and also limit the impact your home has on the environment.

Sustainable Homes create energy efficient home designs which offer quality features and unique exteriors which will have your home stand out in any neighborhood.

As leading Melbourne energy efficient home builders, Sustainable Homes is committed to reducing carbon emissions and limiting the effect of climate change.  The team has worked for many years to create green homes that are not only energy efficient but also sensitive to the surrounding environment.

From design to build we can help you create energy efficient house plans that we can make a reality.

Fully sustainable living in Melbourne is no longer just a dream – you can now have this with our Eco homes that will be designed with all the things your family and lifestyle need.

Don’t wait any longer. Make your energy efficient house design a priority.  Call the Melbourne office of the Sustainable Homes team on 1800 683 697 or email

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I had the boys build me a couple of units. From the first meeting I knew I had the right builders. The process was stress free and I would highly recommend.