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  • Functionality vs Thermal performance

    Posted: October 6 2016

      Don’t hang your hat on star ratings alone… It’s simple to measure the Thermal performance of a home with stars. It’s relatively simple to measure the Energy usage of people living in the home with money spent. But, what cannot be measured is the functionality of a home!   Functionality is a level of […]

  • What is Building Biology?

    Posted: September 6 2016

    Guest Blog by Building Biologist, Triin-Liis Harma   I’m a Building biologist… What does ‘Biology’ have to do with ‘building’? I hear ask… The answer is… If you care for your health…. Everything! We all know that we have to look after our first skin.. keep it healthy! We also know that we need a proper […]

  • Are you going to pick up the cheque?

    Posted: August 6 2016

    It’s fair to say our world is changing faster than any of us could have imagined. It’s said the human world has changed more in the past decade than it has in all the time Homo Sapiens have occupied the Earth. – Make of that, what you will. Needless to say our world is changing […]

  • Melbourne homes are just like Swiss cheese…. Full of holes!

    Posted: July 6 2016

      I thought this piece may have been a month too late. When in May, the temperature in Melbourne was sliced in half from 25 degrees down to 12 degrees in a little over 2 weeks. And boy, did I feel it in the Victorian Terrace I call home! My home has double brick walls, […]

  • A brick for a brick, an Earth for an Earth…

    Posted: June 6 2016

    Give and take…… Not take and take some more! How long would your bank balance last if you just took from it? What about your garden… Are you limited to the amount of food you can grow? It makes sense that what we take from the Earth MUST be replenished! Surely, we can’t expect to […]

  • Gotta get your docs right!

    Posted: May 6 2016

      You want to live in a perfect little oasis… It’s got to have everything you need and nothing you don’t! You want innovation… Or maybe self-sufficiency?!   We all know what WE want in our home… The key is to articulate what’s in your mind into a design, then it’s the builder’s job to […]

  • 3AW Radio The Big House Talk

    Posted: April 15 2016

    Did you hear us on 3AW radio The Big House Talk? Click the ‘play’ button below to hear the whole conversation. You may find the questions you have about building your very own sustainable home have been answered already!

  • Is sustainability a selfish human choice??

    Posted: April 6 2016

    What are our motives for sustainability? Surely they couldn’t be driven by human selfishness?   I’ve recently spent some time in The Philippines. Every once in awhile it’s important for me to travel. It’s helps me take stock and look at the organization we’re creating from an outsider’s point of view. And of course for […]

  • Do YOU believe that YOU can change the world??

    Posted: March 6 2016

    How could you as just one ‘ordinary’ human being make any impact at all? Is it even worth trying to save the environment? Loaded question, I know… Living in Australia, I’m sure you’ve jumped into bed and heard a pesky, little mosquito buzzing round your face?! You keep brushing it away with your hand but […]

  • Spreading the word on Sustainability

    Posted: February 9 2016

    What an end to the week! I never expected to get a call on Thursday asking if I could appear on 3AW radio Saturday morning! It was a call from the 3AW ‘Big House’ program and their weekly topic was home sustainability. Such a great opportunity to spread the word on sustainability on talkback radio…… […]

10 Things you must know before building a sustainable home

SHM on 3AW 693 News Talk

When we began our search for a builder we knew our project was out of the ordinary and challenging, due to the sloping block. From our first meeting you displayed a great sense of calmness and competency.