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  • We’ve started a charity!

    Posted: August 6 2018

    It’s been a while since you guys heard from us. That’s because we’ve been working on something very special and now is the time to unveil it. Most of you will know Sustainable Homes Melbourne was built from the ground up in Brunswick, Victoria. Beginning in February 2014 with the intention of building beautiful, sustainable […]

  • For your viewing only!

    Posted: May 6 2018

    Hello to the SHM community. It’s a pleasure serving you and thank you for being part of our larger vision to create amazing homes that tread lightly on our environment. We’ve been running over 4 years now and built some amazing homes for some great people. We’d like to introduce you to the latest apple of […]

  • Avoid this mistake.

    Posted: April 6 2018

    When designing a new home or renovation, a family’s biggest nightmare is spending months (or even years) working through the creative design process, falling in love with the home on paper. Then send your documentation out to builders only to get prices back way over budget! Far too many times has a client or architect […]

  • Only the beginning

    Posted: February 6 2018

    I remember the days of walking around Princes Hill admiring all the building sites and beautiful homes being built in the area (nerdy, I know)… This was the beginnings of SHM. Michael and I were two young men without much of a clue about business or how to market a new building company but we […]

  • Can you build value in what you already have?

    Posted: December 6 2017

    Fortunate are those that find themselves on a parcel of land in urban Melbourne, even more fortunate are those that find themselves with an opportunity to build a second dwelling or even subdivide that land. There are so many benefits for us and the environment when downsizing or subdividing a parcel of land in an […]

  • Take the Energy Crisis into your own hands.

    Posted: November 6 2017

    At some point over the past few years we’ve all felt ripped off by our energy company. As hot a topic as our ‘energy crisis’ is nothing seems to be changing quickly. The latest solution from Malcolm Turnbull and his energy policy will see households save $2 per week within the next decade. Wowee Malcolm […]

  • Help or Hinder?

    Posted: October 6 2017

    The ever evolving way of Humankind. We used to live a far more sustainable way of life… Obviously! Long before the Industrial Age and Information Age our planet was in no risk of Global warming or being over consumed. In 2017 things are much different. Humans have become so intelligent and advanced in ways of […]

  • Getting back to basics!

    Posted: September 6 2017

    There’s so much new home technology it’s hard to keep up and very easy to get carried away. But let’s not forget about the basics of building great homes that tread lightly on our planet and your hip pocket. Of course we all want the latest gizmo or gadget for our home, we want our […]

  • Spring is (almost) on it’s way!

    Posted: August 6 2017

    Melburnians rejoice as Spring is (almost) upon us. As I look out my east facing office window I find the sun shining just that little bit higher and brighter. My mornings are now kept with the blind turned down. Thank the heavens Melbourne winter is nearly over! At the peak of winter I always wonder […]

  • You won’t believe how long we’ve known!

    Posted: February 6 2017

    In with the new, but the old won’t leave! So long has our world been rigid in the way we do things… It’s easy to see our reluctance to move on from fossil fuels and plastics, to invest in more efficient ways of doing things, for the long-term benefit of everyone. We refuse to acknowledge […]

10 Things you must know before building a sustainable home

SHM on 3AW 693 News Talk

Simon & Michael were exceptional throughout the build of our home. I was initially worried about the challenging design of the home and the access to the site, but this proved to be little issue throughout the build. They were very thorough in explaining everything to me from the paperwork side of things right through to final handover. At no point did they neglect to communicate with us and were extremely reliable. The job was done on time and to the standard they promised. I am still very proud to call this place home.